Accounting Case Study: (Specific problem)


When Kosmo’s Q first came to ECOM CPA, they were struggling with (their bookkeeping). Although they had (great products) and were (building a standout brand), there was a big problem: (their books were a mess). 

Although they had invested time and money in various accounting softwares and services, their accountants often did not understand the unique challenges of an e-commerce business. Kosmo’s Q needed specialized help to (straighten their books out and move forward).


Kosmo’s Q contacted ECOM CPA for assistance, and they were able to review Kosmo’s Q’s books and diagnose the problem: (expenses weren’t being reconciled correctly, causing their overall profit and loss data to be incorrect). 

Without a correct and complete picture of (their true expenses and how high expenses really were), Kosmo’s Q didn’t have a clear plan to (maximize profit, minimize expenses, and reinvest in the business).


ECOM CPA invested time in (cleaning up and correcting old accounting errors to get an accurate picture of the businesses current financial state). Working closely with the owner, they (established rules and automated routine tasks like bill pay and record-keeping for expenses). 

With these small but time consuming tasks handled, ECOM CPA and Kosmo’s Q were able to (spend time focusing on the future of the business, and how to create smart and sustainable growth going forward).

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