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The Benefit of Working With ECOM CPA

Tax Planning Experts:

To date we’ve uncovered over 43mm in savings for our clients. This is a separate service from tax filing, yet when it’s relevant…we do this work as well as the most prestigious in the industry.

In House Team:

Almost all our competitors outsource their tax work, despite their marketing, which would have you believe they do it themselves.

Strategic Review and Compliance:

We don’t just file your tax return/s; a highly trained tax preparer will analyze your books, verify inventory balances, properly classify income, utilize carryover losses, and identify tax deductions, ensuring complete compliance, and strategic advantage.

Tailored Service:

Our cap (quality not quantity) on how many clients we will file taxes for means you receive personalized, in-depth service. Your tax situation is unique, and we treat it as such.

Expertise and Experience:

Our team’s tax preparation expertise in eCommerce tax complexities ensures that your filings are accurate, compliant, and optimized for your business’s specific needs.

Reduced Audit Risk:

Our meticulous approach and attention to detail significantly reduce the likelihood of audits, providing you with peace of mind.

Work-Life Balance for Our Team:

We believe in the well-being of our staff. A well-rested, focused team is less prone to errors, translating into higher quality service for you.

A Broken System and Model

In 2022, it was estimated that 90 million US tax returns would be prepared by CPA firms. But with only 88,000 firms to file taxes in the US, finding a tax preparer who does good work is more than challenging. With the IRS intensifying its audit rates, they just received 80+ billion dollars to do so in 2022, flying off their radar requires more than just filing taxes; it demands strategic compliance.

Missed Opportunities and Unnecessary Risk

Most taxpayers aren’t aware of how much is being missed when filing their state and federal tax return/s:

  • Deduction and Credit Opportunities
  • Carryover Losses and Credits
  • State and Local Tax Obligations
  • Accuracy in Reporting Income and Expenses
  • Tax Strategy and Planning (additional cost)
  • Audit Triggers
  • Retirement Planning and Contributions
  • Proactive Tax Law Updates

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