Accounting Case Study & Testimonial

“Having a dedicated e-commerce accounting group has made a whirlwind of a difference in our business. Specifically Jeremy and his ECOM CPA team have been great! They gained our trust quickly through getting and keeping our books in order, and now wisely advise us on even high level issues.

Their attention to detail is top notch. We had not experienced that previously. The experiences they have had with their other e-commerce business clients has helped us too, especially during the COVID times.

They know things about e-commerce that no run-of-the-mill accountants do. If you run an e-commerce business, this team will make a positive difference for you, and they are a good value. We found a winning partner!”

Carl B.
SureFire Creative LLC


When Surefire Creative first came to ECOM CPA, they were struggling with their bookkeeping. Although their work was amazing, and their client list impressive, there was a big problem: their books were a mess.

Although they had worked with other accountants, Surefire Creative needed an e-commerce expert to help them optimize their accounting methods.


When Surefire Creative came to ECOM CPA, we were able to review their books and diagnose the problem: (expenses weren’t being reconciled correctly, causing their overall profit and loss data to be incorrect).

Without a correct and complete picture of (important details), Surefire Creative didn’t have (a clear picture of their revenue and expenses).


ECOM CPA invested time in (cleaning up and correcting old accounting errors to get an accurate picture of the businesses current financial state). Working closely with the owner and staff, they (established rules and automated routine tasks like bill pay and record-keeping for expenses).

With these small but time consuming tasks handled, ECOM CPA and Surefire Creative were able to (spend time focusing on the future of the business, and how to create smart and sustainable growth going forward).

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