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Get clarity on your numbers

“I have an idea, but I don’t really know where things are at in the business.” This is one of the most common things we hear, even when visiting with bigger brands.

Pay less in taxes

Almost everyone wonders if they’re paying more in taxes than they should, and most of the time they are. When was the last time your CPA reached out to reduce one of your largest expenses?

Break through a ceiling

Building the bridge to the next stage of growth for your eCommerce business is challenging. You should work with a partner who has clients already at the place you are going.

Find a proactive partner

eCommerce business owners want simplicity without silos, someone who understands the complexity of their day to day operations, and proactively guides them.

CPA Services built by you for you

Our current and future services have and will be built based on the feedback the eCommerce community provides us.

CFO Advisory

Every CFO engagement begins with making sure proper eCommerce accounting is being done. We offer a no cost evaluation/consultation.

Common focus areas when beginning work:

  • Financial Strategy and Planning
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Financial Reporting/Modeling
  • Top Line Pricing Staffing Plan 

Monthly Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

True eCommerce Accountants understand how to properly calculate COGs, as well as best practices around inventory tracking. They know the software you use and maybe even a better potential tech stack to help you measure what matters most in your business, revenue and expenses.

When we evaluate other firms who provide eCommerce accounting services, we find mistakes more than 70% of the time.

Tax Planning and Filing

It’s a really bad idea to file tax returns without a strategy around lowering one of your top expenses. Almost every eCommerce business owner we visit with is paying more in taxes than they need to. 

We offer Annual, Premium and Exit Planning to make sure our clients pay as little in taxes as possible.

Whether you are a US Citizen or Foreign Seller in the US, we can help with your taxes.

Flying our clients off the radar off the IRS is our goal. Our certified tax accountants provide tax services for both personal and business filings.

We play chess with the IRS so online sellers can keep more of their money.

Sales Tax

It feels like when the states decided to enforce collecting sales tax they said “let’s make it as hard as possible for ecommerce sellers who want to sell products in our state.”

We know as much as anyone else in the eCommerce accounting industry about sales tax, and see it getting simpler as more states choose to participate in the SST Filing…technology advances.

In the meantime, we offer consultations and have the best tech partners that exist to help you automate things.

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